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Snapp Therapeutics welcomes you... Our services promote relaxation, improve wellbeing, and relieve stress and its symptoms in your body. When you are here with us for therapeutic sessions, we know you will have a wonderful experience.
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massage room
Relax in Your Private Therapy Space
Our focus is your wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation. The healing environment is always key to any excellent massage experience; we have tailored this experience even to the sounds you will hear during your massage. Tranquility and bliss are certainly yours to enjoy.

Enjoy Our 99 Degree Hydrotherapy Pool
Floating in the warm hydrotherapy pool and Dead Sea Salt before your massage session will certainly loosen the deeper muscle tissue and create a very relaxed and healing state. This advantage is not available at most massage locations or spas. We have customized your floating experience to be unlike any you have had before. We use Negative Ions and Ozone to purify the water, so there is little to no chlorine odor, unlike most public pools or hot tubs. Enjoy your experience!

Proper Stretching Increases Proper Function
Because so much pain and immobility is due to poor flexibilty and a lack of healthy exercise, we encourage and teach proper stretching techniques to our clients. This stretching and exercise area is a great place for relaxing before or after your therapy session. Learn techniques to become grounded and confident and focus on the healing and balance that are being restored in your life.

Dry Heat Infrared Sauna Mesa AZ
Far Infrared Sauna
Another unique benefit offered at our center is the Far Infrared Sauna. Farinfrared has been shown to increase mental clarity, stimulate the cardiovascular system, aid in detoxification of the internal organs, enhance weight loss, boost immune system function, balance skin tone, reduce stress, relieve pain, and increase vital energy. You can use the sauna before or after any of your massage sessions.

Herb Tea and Water
Stay Refreshed and Hydrated
We want you to feel comfortable and experience wellness while you are visitng with us. Water is a vital component to health, so we will always provide you with fresh, purified, and naturally alkalized water for your hydration. Green Tea is very healing and has been shown to decrease the risk of many diseases; it is a natural antioxidant and aides in digestion. Please enjoy complimentary Green Tea and other herbal teas while you are at our wellness center.

We offer so much more than just massage therapy...
You have also found the official website of Ed Snapp's method for Chronologically Controlled Developmental Therapy (C.C.D.T)
Health is a blessing that so many of us take for granted. The importance of our basic abilities to function is so greatly under rated. As a culture, we immediately fall into the status quo of the medical model when something goes terribly wrong with our development or our nervous system function. This may lead to a frenzy of trying to find the best medical practitioners and therapists, techniques and rehabilitation centers. In many cases, one may miss the most skilled and helpful because the medical model has so greatly diluted our thinking. This subtle brainwashing, by the media we trust and the AMA, has left us to turn primarily to drugs and surgeries, poor nutrition and backwards logic so often taught to medical professionals. The system has given little if any regard to the natural and most basic forms of medicine and therapies that are so productive and also the least harmful to the body.
Being productive and causing no harm is how our work has developed over the years. Snapp Therapeutics is a compilation of a variety of Ed Snapp's therapy methods, united with James Snapp's unique blend of bodywork and modalities that has developed over many years. This combination of theory and skill has created lasting results and hastens recovery for a variety of diagnoses. Though the work we do may be considered an alternative treatment, the basis of the method is not unusual except in regard to the order in which it is used and the environment of which it is practiced. 
Environment and sequence are the keys to unlocking these methods. Our programs work well for multiple applications regarding wellness though are quite remarkable when considering the treatment of pain, symptoms related to traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, autism, and an array of neurological disorders. We continue to work to achieve greater results by learning more and more about the nervous system and what the body and mind respond to, in regard to healing. 
We hope that the brief introduction of this simple but powerful method will encourage you to get involved in sessions yourself and that you will witness the difference this broad spectrum program can offer you or someone you love.